Alight Motion Mod APK is considered one of the best applications for creating Graphics, Visual Effects, and animation using your smartphone in no time. The popular mobile app and video editor, has free features without facing any issues while editing your videos. You don’t have to be under the weather because the app is developed so that the users can get maximum benefits while using this app without spending any money. 

Updated on: May 23, 2024

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This app is like having a Swiss Army knife, allowing you to trim, crop, and rotate clips precisely. The app can professionally create graphics, animations, illustrations and visual effects because it is programmed to do so. To complete your favorite stuff by editing videos, this video editing app is the best-suggested app due to many reasons and the best reviews. This is the main reason that the number of users of the app is increasing with time. 

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2 Modes of the Alight Motion Mod APK

The app has two modes in the market for you:

  • Free one 
  • Premium one 

Both ways are for you to use the APK to get stunning videos. The accessible modes are totally free for you, and you can use all the features of the app in this regard, but the 2nd one is the premium one, and you have to pay a little for this. In my opinion, you don’t have to use the premium one because the free one has all the stunning features to edit your videos and make your videos worth seeing. 

What’s New ?

The app, with motion graphics templates, provides quality presets and multiple layers to make your videos more engaging. You can rotate and adjust the videos and layers as per your requirements. The video editing app is to give you pro-quality videos in no time because it’s pretty easy to use. The ball is now in your court, whether you want to use this app. Using this app on computer is just like a piece of cake.


It’s now time to spill the beans because you have to tell all the people what you know about the video graphic app. The app with visual effects has many latest and stunning features, but we are going to discuss some of them here.

  • Keyframe
  • Visual Effects 
  • Vector Graphics 
  • Animated Videos
  • Transition Effects 
  • Blending Modes 
  • Built-in-fonts


Take it with a pinch of salt if you have wasted time wandering the market because the best video editing app is here now. Keyframe is one of the latest features of the app to make your videos perfect and worth seeing. There are many frames in your videos to add different items one by one as per demand, but this feature assists you in the in-depth editing of your precious videos. It is now up to you to change each frame by adding or removing many other items or elements. 

Visual Effects 

App has many visual effects to add to photos and videos because the primary purpose is to make your videos more valuable and eye-catching. You can enjoy more than 1000 visual effects to increase the quality and beauty of your videos in this app. 

Visual Effects

Vector Graphics 

All the vector graphics can be used in 2D and 3D formats in your images to get more attraction to the photos and videos. Using vector graphics is relatively easy because even a newbie can use this app without issues. The app with text animation is in the market with all its creativity and exceptional features. 

Vector graphics

Animated Videos 

The creation of animated videos by using this app is now just like a piece of cake. Many successful artists in the world use this feature for making animated videos because it is pretty easy to use and makes the videos worth seeing. You can make cartoon videos as well because all the app’s features are free to use and easily accessible. 

Transition Effects 

Transition effects are one of the best features of this app because it allows you to access a number of transition effects to make desirable videos. It assists you in getting a professional touch to your videos to make them more stunning and eye-catching. 

Blending Modes 

It’s need to the time to add several layers to your videos because you’ve to get more views for your images and videos. This app allows you to use several layers to create outstanding videos. If you want to enjoy the blending modes for your videos, you will be amazed.

Blending modes

Built-in Fonts 

There are 2000+ built-in fonts available in this app for you to add to your images and videos. The jaw dropping feature, built-in fonts is quite perfect one to get a surprising look to your videos. This feature has made possible for you to make your videos as you thought in dreams only. 

Here are also some Pros and Cons !

Pros image


  •  Multiple presets available.
  • More than 2000 fonts are available.
  • Without watermark
  • Without annoying ads
Cons image


  •  Hangs sometime 
  • Some features are premium 

The video editing app, with no Watermark, offers many features to make your videos worth seeing with no watermark. All kinds of animations can be created by using this app because all the features of the app are free to use. Video editing is now no more than a piece of cake because of the features of app.

No Watermark with and motion graphic templates, offer various features and options by using your smartphone. There are millions of people who want to get millions of views for their photos and videos, and this app is no less than a blessing for them. This app has revolutionized the world of video editing and has promise to stand with you through thick and thin. 

Key Features of App

ProcessorOcta Core Processor
Storage200 MB
OSAbove Android 5.0

How to download the Latest version ?

 Here are some of the steps to download the app:

  • First of all, you have to open the browser by visiting the site.
  • You will see there a download button. After clicking on that button, you have to wait for the countdown that will be getting the app.
  • After downloading process is over, you have to open the file manager and have to click on the APK file.
  • There you get the installation button, but if this shows some issue, you need to click on the setting to fix the problem.
  • Don’t forget to enable the “Unknown Sources” and then you have to click on the back button. 
  • After tapping on the install button, you have to now wait for some time. 

The advanced version of the app, with no Watermark with color grading effects, is quite advanced and programmed to edit and make pro videos. This app provides the best solution for your videos because it is made to meet all your issues in no time; the ball is in your court now. All the app’s features are free to use, and you don’t have to pay even a single penny while using all its features. 

Removing Watermark :

The app filters offer you two methods for removing watermarks from your videos. The first method is relatively straightforward, and that is to buy the premium version without a watermark. You don’t need to remove the watermark using this premium version because it will remove itself. If you use the free version of the app, you must use the mod version of the app, which helps you eliminate all the watermarks. 

Don’t feel under the weather if you face any issues while using this app because the features of the app will spill the beans. The app has no Watermark now has become the best app because of its latest and advanced features that can be used even by a new user. This app has become the primary demand of video editors because they can get all the elements in one place. 

How to Use ?

The outstanding video editing app is a fantastic app for both Android and IOS. A common question is asked about its use, especially for beginners. The answer is relatively clear the app is one of the best in the world with all its latest and advanced features that can be used easily, even by new users. They can also edit videos at a pro level. 

You still have not missed the boat if you have wasted time on other apps because this video editing app is now in your hands with all its features to use this app , you need to open the app with no Watermark and select the desired images and videos you want to add. 

You must apply the filters as per your requirements and background music. There are many other features that can be used step by step as per requirements. There you will see the setting for video quality, such as 480p, 720p, etc. You will not face any difficulty while using this app.

What’s New?

If you download the latest version of app, you will be amazed due to its features because the latest version has the following updates:

  • The addition of new effects is also available in the latest version 
  • It also fixes the bugs and errors in no time

Can we use Old Version ?

Yes, We can use Old Version but Old version has less features than the latest version of app.

Here are also some Pros and Cons !

Pros image


  • No subscription required 
  • All premium features are unlocked 
  • Eye-catching presets 
  • Fast Speed
Cons image


  • Sometimes bugs appear 
  • It gets hanged sometimes 

In the past few years, editing videos has become really popular. Lots of people, businesses, and creators want to make their videos look more professional and polished. There’s this amazing tool called Alight Motion Mod APK that has become really famous because it’s so versatile and powerful. This awesome video editing app has lots of features and abilities that make it stand out from other similar apps out there.

What is Alight Motion Mod APK V4.8.2?

Here is the advanced video editing app with everything you need to make incredible videos. This astonishing video editing application has extensive tools and features that empower you to craft visually captivating videos that possess a professional touch effortlessly.

What sets this app apart from other video editing apps is its perfect balance of powerful editing capabilities and an easy-to-use interface. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced video editor, this app is designed to meet your needs and help you bring your creative vision to life.

Getting Started: Installation and Setup

Getting started with the best editing app is very easy. First, you have to download APK file from the official website or any reliable source and follow the instructions on the screen to install it on your device. After installation, you can launch the app and explore its user-friendly interface. Set up your personalized preferences, such as video resolution, default effects, and layout, to enhance your editing experience.

Key Features of APK

Timeline editing for precise control: 

With the timeline editing feature, you gain complete control over every video aspect. This means you can easily trim, cut, and rearrange clips according to your preferences and with extreme suitability.

Layer-based editing for complex compositions: 

Layer-based editing enables you to create intricate designs by stacking multiple elements and adjusting their properties individually.

Visual effects and color correction options: 

The app provides an impressive collection of visual effects and color correction options, allowing you to enhance your footage with stunning visuals.

Animation and keyframe capabilities: 

The animation and keyframe capabilities allow you to bring your videos to life by adding movements and transitions.

Exploring the attractive collection of pre-designed templates:

To make your editing process even more convenient, This APK provides a wide range of ready-made templates you can apply effortlessly to your projects. These templates range from professional intros to engaging lower thirds, providing a convenient starting point for creativity. 
Moreover, the app’s advanced motion graphics tools enable you to create:

  • Shape
  • Text
  • Vector-based animations
  • Dynamic transitions
  • Overlays
  • And even edit and synchronize audio for a comprehensive multimedia experience.

Customizing and Enhancing Videos

App allows you to personalize and elevate your videos in many ways. It provides an extensive range of filters and presets that enable you to add unique styles to your videos effortlessly. This allows you to give your footage a distinct and easily recognizable look. 

Furthermore, the app enables you to combine audio and music without any problem into your videos, enhancing the overall viewing experience and evoking emotions from your audience. Additionally, by utilizing masking techniques, you can add depth and creativity to your videos by selectively showing or hiding portions of the frame, creating captivating visual effects.

Exporting and Sharing Your Creations

Once you have finished editing your masterpiece, it’s time to share it with the world. App provides various options for saving and sharing your videos. It allows you to choose from different output formats and settings, ensuring you can export your creations in the ideal arrangement that suits your intended platform or device. 
Whether you want to upload to YouTube, share on Instagram, or play on your smart TV, the app ensures your videos are optimized for the best viewing experience. 

Tips and Tricks for Effective Workflow

To maximize your efficiency and productivity, here are some valuable tips and tricks for an effective workflow in this app 3.9.0 APK:

  • Make your editing process smoother by logically arranging your clips and resources, ensuring you can access them quickly and effortlessly.
  • Take the time to get familiar with the keyboard shortcuts and time-saving tricks that the app provides. These handy features will help you navigate through the app more quickly and efficiently, allowing you to complete you’re easily editing tasks.

Take advantage of APK without Watermark’s project management features, such as project templates and reusable asset libraries, to save time and maintain consistency across multiple projects.

A fabulous video editing app offers additional features and functionality compared to the free version. With the pro version, you can access a broader range of editing tools, effects, and templates, providing more flexibility and creative options. All the features of app are easily accessible and you can edit your videos by using all the features of the app.

 Yes, beginners can use the app 3.9.0 APK effectively. The app’s user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make it accessible even for those with limited editing experience. There are also ample tutorials and resources available to help beginners get started. This app is available for Android and iOS devices, ensuring compatibility and accessibility across different platforms.

Yes, you can use this app without markup available for commercial purposes. The app allows commercial use, making it suitable for professional video editing projects.
This APK is an impressive video editing tool offering many features and capabilities.

APK allows users to create visually stunning and professionally polished videos. Whether you want to enhance your videos or create content for commercial use, it gives you the flexibility and power to bring your vision to life. Start exploring your creativity and make incredible videos using it, available for free and without any watermarks!

Latest Features

  • Provides a new browser with a search option and presets.
  • You can enjoy new effects such as Hexagon, Tile Rotate, and Hexagon tile shift. 
  • The latest version of the app has some improved effects, such as Dots, Luma key, Turbulence, and Flip layer. 
  • Sensible numbers and more transparent labels are also available in the latest version of the app.
  • A detailed description is given to every effect to amuse the user.
  • You can get performance improvements to fix the bugs as well.

Quality features of App

Features of any app are considered most important to attract people towards the usage of the app. The app offers many features with the latest upgrades and stunning functions to edit your videos. The video editing app assures that all the elements will be provided free of cost and within the time. 

Graphic Layers 

The feature of multiple graphic layers is also offered by Alight Motion Mod APK with a video editor and audio editor. By using this feature, you will be able to edit your videos by using your smartphone without facing any issues. This is the beauty of the software that it will always edit your videos. 

Velocity Based Motion Blurring 

One of the most essential features of App is motion blur. This feature helps in animating and editing movements, speed, and many more functions from time to time. You can edit your videos per your demand because the app is designed to assist you. 

The Gradient fill Effect 

There is a gradient fill effect, the most stunning feature of APK. It is basically to check whether the animation you have created has a perfect look. As per your borders of the videos, it also gives you a complete look and attraction. This is the best function and is very useful even if you are a newbie. 

Timelines for Media Format

The beauty of application is that it provides you with the proper timelines for different media formats, image formats, videos format, and audio formats. By using this feature, you will be able to edit your videos more than your expectations. You will be able to get access quickly and whenever you want. The app has competed with other video editing apps because of its stunning and fantastic features. The app’s primary focus is to point out creativity and its results. 

How to Install APK to Your Smartphone?

This Application works better on your smartphone because of its features, and it is easy to use this app on your smartphone because of ease in use. The app can be downloaded from its official site and the google play store. You can download it from the Apple app store if you are using this app on your iPhone. Following are the steps for downloading the app on a smartphone

  • First, you have to give access to install apps from unknown sources.
  • You now have to download the APK file link.
  • It is time now to install the app on your device.
  • Now you are free to run this app on your Android device. 

A Little More Features

  • You will be given a full reliability and high-quality features for creating motion graphics by using your mobile phone.
  • The app also supports devices such as iPads and iPhones.
  • The app is full of stunning features to compete the competitors because the main purpose of the app is to give you maximum ease and satisfaction.
  • The app also allows you to import media and different files to use them for your purposes.
  • You don’t have to be worried while using this app because all the features are well organized and well developed to meet your needs and requirements.

Subscription Option

The ball is in your court if you are looking for a simple app with simple features or if you will use an app with the latest and most complex parts. You have to install the newest version of the app that might be able to fulfill your needs and requirements. The subscription remains for a fixed time until you don’t remove it.

This APK is most stunning because it is programmed to assist you while editing your videos. If you want more views for your videos, this app is here to make your videos worth seeing. It will give you different features and layers to add as you want. 

There are so many video editing apps worldwide, but this video editing app is one of the best because of its free and premium features. All the features of the app are free to use. All the premium features of this app are easily accessible without spending a single penny. 

APK is relatively easy to use because all the features are well organized and developed to use them without facing any issues. A newbie can also use them without facing any problems while editing videos. All new and experienced people can use this app because of its accessible features.

The stunning video editing app is no less than a blessing for video editors because now they can edit videos by using their smartphones at their home. They don’t need to go anywhere because the best app is at their fingertips to edit their videos. They don’t have to go anywhere to get help editing their videos. 
There are many versions of the app in the market, but you have to use the latest version because the latest version has all the new and premium features with access. Every upcoming version has a successive feature per the modern age’s demand. 

 The mostly used app has an online community and asset store to get premade presets, animations, and fonts to get more attraction to your videos. You can add them as per your demand and requirements. The app has the quality to give you the features as per your demand. 

This APK has impressive features because the app has revolutionized the world. Editing video has become a piece of cake for people who cannot afford money to get the best video editors because they can edit their videos themselves. this app is easily accessible and you can use all the premium features free of cost.

How to get this app on IOS Free?

Alight Motion iOS is a valuable tool created by developers who invest time and effort into building and maintaining it. Supporting their work by purchasing the Pro version not only provides you with access to additional features and benefits but also helps sustain the development of the app and encourages further updates and improvements.
If you’re interested in using this app on iOS, I recommend visiting the official App Store and purchasing the app legitimately. This way, you can enjoy all the advanced features and support the developers who have worked hard to create this fantastic video editing application. Remember, respecting intellectual property rights is essential for fostering a healthy and sustainable digital ecosystem.

Blessing for Tiktokers 

Many people in rural areas have been earning by making and editing their videos as the tiktokers. Most people have no paying capacity, but now they are easy and happy due to this app. The APK has fulfilled their dreams, and they are experts now in editing their videos to get more views. 

Most people have become social media experts due to this app. APK has changed their lives because they are now heroes for many social media users. They watched their video and liked them with their comments. They are getting fame and name over time. It is one of the best video editing apps in the words because of its unique and stunning features that are available in the mart.

The app has the quality to give you multilayer support to get overlayed videos and graphics. The app helps you by providing value-adding content due to its outstanding features. All the premium features are free because the app is programmed to give you maximum ease and happiness. 

One of the most stunning features of this app is that it is a user-friendly app. It gives the same results even for the newbies because it is programmed to assist you and give you maximum editing features. This app is programmed with the latest and complete features to make your videos worth seeing. 

All the features of the app are unlocked, and all the effects of the app are free to use. It allows you to make various video editing qualities with the latest designs. There are many kinds of visual effects and animations to give you worth looking at your videos. 

The app is designed for you without a watermark. You can make your videos without having any watermark on your videos because this app has the automatic quality to remove the watermark if it is on your videos. The primary purpose is to make your videos eye-catching and stunning for the best look. 
The app is full of different preset animations and fonts. You can get any font of your choice whether you want to write on videos or photos. You need to option the font you like the most. You can also import the font as per your requirements. It will give your videos a stunning and worth-seeing look. 

XML Files

 Importing XML files is one of the most remarkable features of APK. You can import files whenever you want to get to your smartphone. This is the best feature to give you more convenience to make your videos eye-catching. You can use this app without facing any issues. 

All of the app’s premium features are free and unlocked for you because the app is programmed to assist you and give you maximum ease and comfort. You don’t have to buy any features, or you don’t have to pay anything to unlock the premium features of the app. 

By using this APK, you will always catch up on the latest version because the app is to give you the best user experience. The lagging in the videos has been improved now, and you will never face any confusion or issue while using this app. 

APK is free to download because nobody will ask you to pay anything while downloading this app. You can also use all the premium features without spending a single penny. The app is no less than a blessing for you. don’t wander here and there in search of video editing apps because this stunning app is here in the market for you.

It is the quality of the video editing app to provide you with over 100 customizable effects, which are available in the building black library. These blocks are beneficial in creating professional and sophisticated products and designs to give a stunning look to your videos. 

You can make group layers using this app because the features are upgraded. Video editing app brings worth seeing look to your videos to get more views from your social media users. Using the layers is one of the most stunning features of the app because it can change the look of your videos. 

You can get a clear interface using this stunning app because it is programmed to do so. There is a dedicated timeline option while editing videos. You can use all the features according to your need and requirements. The app is always ready to give you a stunning look at your videos. 

Save your time here and there in search of the best video editing apps because this video editing app is one of the most perfect apps in the world. You will never regret you if you continuously use this app. Don’t worry if you are a newbie because this app gives you all the features free of cost.
All the features of the app are totally free and you can use premium features as well. I assure you that you will never disappoint if you use this app for editing your videos because it is programmed to assist you in this regard.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Alight Motion Mod APK ?

The remarkable app, with motion graphics templates, is one of the best video editing apps with stunning and additional features for editing videos. 

How to download this video editing app?

The app is available on Play Store and can be downloaded easily from there. 

Is this app is free to use?

Yes, the app is free to download and use because it’s programmed to do so. 

Is this app with keyframe animation safe to use?

The mod version of the app is relatively safe to use, and you will not face any issues like viruses or malware. 

Can this app be used on any device?

The high-quality app can also be used and installed on any Android device, but all the devices should be compatible with specific hardware. 

Can we use multiple layers in while using this app?

Yes, it is easy to use multiple layers in the app because the app is programmed in a way to support this feature quite easily.

Are all the features unlocked?

Yes, all the app features are freely unlocked, but some are locked as premium, but you can open them freely.

Can we use our creativity while editing photos and videos?

Yes, it is just a piece of cake to use your creativity by using this app because you have to make your videos worth seeing. 

Can this app be used in Androids?

Yes, this app supports Androids to use this without facing any issues.

How many fonts are there in total for this app? 

This app has more than 2000 in-built fonts, and you can use them without paying a single penny.

Can we use Alight Motion Mod on PC? 

Yes, we can use Alight Motion on PC with the help android emulator like Bluestacks, LD Player, and MEMU etc.

Conclusion  :

Stay out of the market in search of a video editing app because this video editing app is here with all its stunning and advanced features to give you worth seeing videos. It is programmed to meet your needs while editing your videos. The app with no Watermark has revolutionized the world. 

High quality with text animation, has all the qualities to edit videos best. Although there are many other apps in the market with all their stunning features, this app is the best. It’s easy to use, like a piece of cake, even for new users, because of easy access to all its features. If you use this app for editing your videos, nobody can stop you from getting the maximum views. 

4.2 out of 5 stars (based on 13 reviews)
Very good8%

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