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With a wide range of capabilities to improve your video productions, Alight Motion has become a well-known mobile video editing program in the modern day. In this detailed guide, we will meticulously walk you through how to add stylish Hindi fonts in Alight Motion itsrealtechfriends, enabling you to craft visually stunning videos that leave a lasting impact.

How to Add Stylish Hindi Fonts in Alight Motion itsrealtechfriends

What is Alight Motion?

Alight Motion is a portable device for making liveliness, movement designs, and video altering that can be utilized on two iOS and Android cell phones. It empowers watchers to get to a scope of instruments intended to upgrade video content’s visual allure and commitment.

Quick Information

App NameAlight Motion Mod ApK
PlatformAndroid and iOS
Font SupportSupports custom fonts
Export OptionsVarious video formats and resolutions
AvailabilityGoogle Play Store and Apple App Store

Features of Alight Motion | how to add stylish hindi fonts in alight motion itsrealtechfriends

How to Add Stylish Hindi Fonts in Alight Motion itsrealtechfriends,

Before delving into incorporating stylish Hindi fonts, gaining a comprehensive understanding of Alight Motion is imperative. This versatile video editing application, available on both Android and iOS platforms, boasts a wide array of features, including:

  • Timeline-Based Editing:

Alight Motion offers a timeline interface, facilitating precise video arrangement and editing.

  • Motion Graphics:

It empowers users to craft captivating motion graphics, animations, and visual effects to enrich their videos.

  • Keyframe Animation:

Users of the program have complete control over the motion and look of components inside films thanks to the ability to include keyframes in various characteristics.

  • Color Correction:

Alight Motion provides various tools for grading and color correction, enhancing the graphical application of videos.

  • Transitions and Effects:

Users can apply changes and diverse effects to augment the engagement quotient of their videos.

How to Add Stylish Hindi Fonts in Alight Motion itsrealtechfriends ?

Your Alight Motion projects may help from the accumulation of how to add stylish Hindi fonts in Alight Motion itsrealtechfriends, to recover their visual demand and rise their level of attention. To achieve this, follow these steps:

Step 1: Find Stylish Hindi Fonts

Before you begin, locating the stylish Hindi fonts you’d like to use is crucial. Numerous online resources contain these fonts. Here are some recommendations:

  • Google Fonts:

Google Fonts provides a wide range of free fonts, including Hindi options. Go to the website and utilize the search icon to find Hindi fonts that suit your project’s aesthetics.

  • FontSquirrel:

FontSquirrel is another online platform with various fonts, including Hindi. Track down textual styles that supplement your plan inclinations.

  • Typography Websites:

Specialized typography websites like Adobe Fonts and Typekit may offer premium Hindi fonts for your consideration.

  • Custom Fonts:

If your project demands a unique look, consider collaborating with a graphic designer or font creator to design a custom Hindi font tailored to your requirements.

Step 2: Download and Install Hindi Fonts

How to Add Stylish Hindi Fonts in Alight Motion itsrealtechfriends :

Once you’ve identified the stylish Hindi fonts you wish to use, download them to your device. Typically, these fonts are available as .ttf or .otf files. Here’s how to install them:

For Android:

  • Download the desired Hindi font file to your device.
  • Open the Android device’s “Files” or “File Manager” application.
  • Find the copied font folder.
  • Click on the font file, which will open a preview.
  • Press the “Install” button to initiate the font installation process on your device.
  • After successful installation, the font will be accessible in Alight Motion.

For iOS :

  • Download the desired Hindi font file to your iOS device.
  • Launch the “Files” app on your iOS device.
  • Find the downloaded font file.
  • Click on the font file to start it, displaying a preview.
  • Select the “Install” key to connect the font on the iOS device.
  • After successful installation, the font will be available in Alight Motion.

Step 3: How to Add Stylish Hindi Fonts in Alight Motion itsrealtechfriends ?

Steps to solve this, How to Add Stylish Hindi Fonts in Alight Motion itsrealtechfriends ?

  • Start the Alight Motion application on the device.
  • Make a new plan or access a current one.
  • To introduce a text layer, tap the “+” or “Add Layer” button on the timeline and choose “Text.”
  • Double-tap the text layer to enter text editing mode. You can input or paste the Hindi text you intend to feature in your video here.
  • To change the font, tap the font selection option within the text editing mode.
  • Peruse the available fonts to locate the stylish Hindi font you installed earlier, and select it.
  • Fine-tune the font size, style (bold, italic), and color to suit your preferences.
  • Position the text layer by dragging and resizing it within the video frame. You can also employ keyframes to animate the text for added visual flair.
  • Once content with the placement and appearance of your Hindi text, remember to save your project.

By succeeding these steps, you can efficiently get the answer to how to add stylish Hindi fonts in Alight Motion itsrealtechfriends. It will permit you to deliver outwardly engaging recordings, drawing in and successfully passing on your message.

Pros and Cons


  • Stylish Hindi fonts enhance the graphic application of the videos.
  • Fonts can induce feelings and carry tone effectively.
  • Consistent fonts reinforce brand recognition.
  • You can personalize font size, style, and color.
  • Stylish fonts make videos more engaging.


  • Finding the perfect Hindi font may take time.
  • Stylish fonts can sometimes sacrifice legibility.
  • Adding custom fonts may increase project file size.
  • Test fonts on various devices to ensure proper display.
  • Balancing style and readability can be challenging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find stylish Hindi fonts for Alight Motion?

You can find them on Google Fonts, FontSquirrel, typography websites, or even create custom fonts.

How do I install Hindi fonts on my Android device?

Download the font file, open your file manager, locate the font, and tap “Install.”

How to Add Stylish Hindi Fonts in Alight Motion itsrealtechfriends on iOS?

You can install Hindi fonts on iOS using the “Files” app.

How do I change the font in Alight Motion’s text layer?

Double-tap the text layer, tap the font selection option, and choose your preferred Hindi font.

What are some tips for using Hindi fonts effectively in videos?

Prioritize legibility, maintain contrast, adhere to typography hierarchy, and experiment with animations for engaging visuals.


The integration of how to add stylish Hindi fonts in Alight Motion itsrealtechfriends projects can elevate the visual allure of your videos and enable the effective conveyance of your intended message. You might make material hanging out in the computerized world and level up your video-altering skills using educated strategies.

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