Alight Motion Mod APK Old Version Free 2023 Get Extra !

Alight Motion Mod APK Old Version for extra premium features and safely download it from here. Then, you may get the latest stable version of the app from this page. If you want to edit photos and movies like an expert, look no further than this app.

In its earlier form, App made Android handsets more capable than ever of editing videos on the go. It’s loaded with paid extras at no extra cost. Alight Creative offers a free version of their program, which can be obtained by visiting the Play Store.

However, all of the premium features, including the asset store, social networking applications, and more, are available to users of the Premium edition. If you install the App, you’ll have access to all of the app’s paid content. Update your app right now to the newest version.

v5.0.113.104435  (August 2023)

v5.0.107.104233 (July 2023)

v5.0.83.104233 (June 2023)

v5.0.62.103295 (May 2023)

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What is Alight motion mod Apk Old Version ?

This Android app is a video editor that lets you modify clips you already have on your mobile device. In just a few minutes, you may have a video customized to your exact needs with the help of this straightforward and well-organized user interface.

In the previous version, you could drop the files you wished to edit onto a timeline. This software includes several types of timelines, such as audio, video, and image. The clean structure simplifies the editing process. You may manage each of your initiated projects independently and have quick access to them all from the main tab.

Various options are available, such as making transitions between clips and changing the image’s hue. Post-production is where you get to add all the fun stuff to the video you filmed, such as animations and special effects. Editing is also simplified with the aid of accessible templates.

Vector graphics
Blending modes

Features of this Exclusive :

  • No watermark

After downloading your animations, you may remove the watermark from your edited films and photographs. There is no identifying business watermark on this modified version. Putting a watermark on a photo or video makes it look unprofessional and uninteresting; however, if you want to see an app without a watermark, feel free to get it off our site

  • No Advertisements

Ads on the screen make us angry and bored if we are trying to accomplish serious or concentrated work. There are no distracting advertisements in the background of the Mod v3.4.3 so you can get the job done without interruptions.

  • Countless Picture Mats

Here, you may choose from several photo frames for your mobile device. There is a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from, so everyone can find something that works for them.

  • Thousands of Amazing Effects

You’ll want to use one of Old Version thousands of established Stunning effects when editing images or creating an animation. Adding these touches will make your energy appear more polished and professional. The Shadow effect may be applied to any illustration or animation to enhance realism. In the MOD version, you may utilize any of the goods for free.

High-Quality Color Modifiers and Blending Modes

Color correction is one of the simplest ways to boost the overall production value of a video. To ensure that the colours in your photos and videos are consistent throughout your project, you may use the Color Adjustment option in the app. You can change the colours in any way you like to further your imagination.

This app also has some very great blending and opacity controls. Lots of excellent blended design effects, all only a click away. Therefore, if you discover the perfect app for blending modes and modifying opacity, you should install it on your smartphone and use it.

Hundred Elegant Text Fonts

Most of the time, we must tack on a few words of narration to our video. Including text in the movie will make the information and indications we want to convey much more accessible. As a result, App allows you to insert completely bespoke text. That lets you play with fonts and colours to your heart’s content. Adding your text to the movie is simple; you can access various stylish fonts.

Make Videos with Various Aspect Ratios

Sharing videos on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc., requires videos with varying aspect ratios. Both the project’s aspect ratio and a title are required.

Build your own Mp4 and Gif animations

App allows you to make mp4 videos with picture integration. Because it is so cutting edge, a large number of individuals are making use of it. In addition, various graphic designs have been enriched by the ability to create images as gifs. The gifs say what you want them to say, and a hilarious gif image may sum up your previous expressions of thought and emotion.

How to Download and Install ?

Now that every editor knows this app has many benefits, they are all eager to get their hands on it. The AM APK can be downloaded and installed on any Android smartphone with only a few taps.

  • You must first delete the previous latest app from your device if you have previously downloaded it from the Google Play Store.
  • Download the updated version of app by going to its APK page. App is available at free of charge.
  • To enable downloads from Unknown Sources, adjust the security settings on your device. To install, go to your phone’s File Manager and then to your APKs. The files can now be accessed.
  • The time it takes to open an APK file and click the Install button is significant. Allow a few minutes for the installation to finish.

Here are some Pros and Cons

Pros image


  • This program is free to use and download.
  • App will not watermark your videos.
  • Videos can have as many layers as you like.
  • Your videos can be exported in high quality.
  • The software poses no threat to your mobile device.
Cons image


  • App may stop operating because the creators do not officially support it.
  • The program should be scanned for viruses before being installed.
  • Before installing, you should ensure your device meets the app’s minimum requirements.
  • You may not get new features and bug fixes as quickly as the official version of the app.
  • There are different laws regarding the use of pirated software across the world.

Frequently Asked Question

Is this app Safe to Use?

You can employ alight movements without worry. We guarantee that our files will operate well upon download and are virus-free.

Does APK Need Money?

Your final videos will have a watermark if you use the accessible version of PC. However, you may remove watermarks and gain access to other features by upgrading to a paid membership.

Does App have effects?

App has a library of construction blocks and more than a hundred effects you may tweak to your own.

Can we download Old Version for iOS for Free ?

It is better to use latest version of any app on iOS because iOS create issues in older versions. you should download the latest version for iOS.


Both new and old, are available for download here. You may get the previous release of this app if you like it. This page includes links to the latest and greatest version. The comments area is open for your questions and feedback. You may read about how this app creates content for its collection.

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