Use of Alight Motion in Making Amazing Videos

Use of Alight Motion, Are you bothered about how to create and edit videos? Don’t worry, I will provide you with an app that solves all your problems in making videos. Alight Motion APK is used for making professional videos, graphics, and animations. 

Beginners can also use this APK smoothly and make attractive videos. The interface of Alight Motion APK 
is very straightforward. Users can enhance the look of the  Alight Motion APK.  

Download Alight Motion APK

App Info

Name of APKAlight Motion APK
APK Sizev5.0.177
Package  Free
DeveloperAlight Creative, Inc
Get FromPlay Store

Alight Motion APK is free and can be used for making different animations, graphics, and editing composing.
Alight Motion APK can be installed on any device such as 
Mobile, Linux, iOS, and Windows. Download the APK from any website link and Play Store and install the latest version (V5.0.161) of the APK. 

Use of Alight Motion

How to Use of Alight Motion ?

Use of Alight Motion :

After opening the App, just click the button Create Project.
Click the ‘ + ’  button and add a layer for your project. 
Edit your videos such as adjusting the size, and capacity, and changing color. Add effects on videos by tapping the option of the FX button. 

In this App, you will be able to apply thousands of filters to your projects. You can also apply it to pictures. If you want to write text on images then you can easily add fonts and text. Files can be imported by clicking the option of ‘choose file. 

Elements in Alight Motion

Use of Alight Motion :

Elements play a significant role in Alight Motion APK.    
A video editing project allows you to save each element separately. You can create stunning and attractive videos with the use of a variety of elements.

 Using Elements is a great way to create attractive videos, but you can also save your work in different formats such as (stickers, music, layers, etc). It provides additional features. You can share your saving elements with your friends by just choosing the share option.

 It is also possible to alter or customize the elements without affecting their original versions. You can make and edit videos faster and easily by using elements. Jump on the bandwagon, you can use any effect to create animation and video clips. 

Professional Features and How to Use Alight Motion

There are some professional features given below:

  • There are hundreds of customizable building blocks available for creating modern visual effects.
  • In one project, you can import different media in your videos like images, animation, and graphics. 
  • You can quickly solve the blurry and bug problems while editing your videos. 
  • It’ll prove very beneficial both for beginners and editors. They can create videos for your business. 
  • Users can read the detailed description of every effect before making and editing videos. 
  • Audio can be changed and edited between the length of video clips. 
  • In addition to these improvements, some effects have also been improved, including Dots, Luma Key, Motion Blur, and Solid Matte.

How to import XML File in Alight Motion to Use of Alight Motion? 

Use of Alight Motion :

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking the best photo editing tool to edit your pictures like a pro. If you want to create a video like an influencer, you can quickly edit graphics or any animation with the help of this amazing software. You can edit your movie in comfort since this app will provide you with many professional options.

In this article, we will guide How to import XML file in Alight Motion on Android, iPhone, and Google Drive.

How to Import XML File in Alight Motion on Android?

Use of Alight Motion :

One of the simplest techniques is this one as no third-party software needs to be installed. Your Android phone’s file management software is available for usage. Simply select the Alight Motion app when sharing the XML file. Here is a thorough step-by-step guidance on How to Import XML file in Alight Motion on Android:

  • XML file should download to your Android phone.
  • Open file manager application. The phone built-in file manager is available for use. If you can’t find it, download a third-party app from the Play Store.
  • Navigate to the XML file’s directory or other storage place. It frequently gets saved to the Downloads folder on your internal storage.
  • Select the XML file by pressing and holding on to it, then clicking the bottom-left share button.
  • If the Share option isn’t there, check for it in the menu (touch the three dots). A single XML file should be chosen at a time. Please take note that using this approach to import several XML files will not be successful. Each XML file must be imported one by one.
  • You will see a few applications on your screen to finish the process after tapping the Share button. Search and choose the Alight Motion application. Now choose the Projects tab, where you will see that your XML file has been successfully imported into the Alight Motion app

It’s possible that you chose many XML files at once if you were unable to locate the Alight Motion app in the sharing options. Another possibility is that your phone will select a default app to open the XML file when you hit the share button without requesting that you do so. On your Android phone, you may reset the app options to correct this. Simply select the Reset app preferences link under Settings > Apps > Menu (three dots).

How to Import XML File in Alight Motion on iPhone?

Use of Alight Motion :

Using a QR code and an Alight Cloud connection, an XML file is loaded onto an iPhone. Additionally, if you publish an alight Motion along with papers, it won’t show up on the Share Sheet. Additionally, the premium version of Alight Motion allows you to export tasks as a collection of connected files. The project’s media files were now transferred to the cloud.

Additionally, the URL is saved so that you may later share your creation with others. Additionally, the limitation that only allows you to download files under 5 MB is there. Another approach is to navigate the XML project URL using the QR code

Follow these steps on How to import XML file in Alight Motion on iOS:

Use of Alight Motion :

  • Click Create Project once you have completed editing and have changed the backdrop, resolution, etc. When you select the export option, select XML for the document.
  • Open the Android Market and run the QR Code Generator and Reader application.
  • Click the Google Drive icon when it appears in the program to store the active XML project there as well. Additionally, click the three dots to copy the URL to the XML file.
  • Using the Alight Motion app, you may share films and pictures in a number of different ways. Additionally, when you put the URL into a browser, the program will create a special QR Code that you can give to anyone so they can scan it.

How to Import XML file in Alight Motion on Google Drive?

Use of Alight Motion :

However, using an XML file to import into Alight Motion on an iOS device (iPhone or iPad) is not possible using the previously mentioned techniques. Alight Motion won’t appear in the Share Sheet when you share an XML file using the Files app. The same result will occur whether you rely on the Google Drive solution or not. Is there another strategy?

The steps to keep in mind are given below on How to Import XML file in Alight Motion :

  •  First, download the Drive app from the Play Store, then log in using your Gmail account.
  • After looking through the folder on your phone where the file was saved, select Publish from the drop-down menu.
  • You will now see a drop-down list with a number of choices on your screen. Select that option in order to send a copy as well.
  • When you select the app to which you want to send the file on Alight Motion, the file will be imported into the directory where you are working.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions to Use of Alight Motion

What problem does this app have frequently?

It is a common problem for most Android users that the Alight Motion app is not accessible in the sharing options.   

Can I import several XML files simultaneously?

No, multiple XML file imports are not presently supported by Alight Motion. One XML file at a time can be imported.

Does Alight Motion support XML files?

The app includes plenty of modern features to help you create beautiful videos. Alight Motion’s use of XML files is a unique feature.


Finally, if you’re not familiar with Alight Motion, importing XML files into your apps can prove to be difficult. Additionally, the Alight Motion application does not show up in the sharing choices when a user uploads an XML file for a particular user.

Using the initiative links or QR codes you have access to as a premium member is the only method for doing this. So, learn how to import XML file in Alight Motion. You may learn how to import files on iOS, Android, and through the drive with the help of this instruction.

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